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Anti-Aging Hair Care through the Legendary Power of the Baobab

TRI-K Baobab Tein NPN 抗衰老的头发护理-猴面包树

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发布时间 : 2019/05/05 | 文章来源 : TRI-K | 作者 : 易供应

TRI-K Baobab Tein NPN 抗衰老的头发护理-猴面包树

Introducing Baobab Tein NPNF™: Anti-Aging for Hair Care

•Major Benefits:
–Anti-aging for Hair Care
–Helps Damage Recovery
–Increases Hair Strength & Elasticity
–Protects From Environmental Stress (e.g. Heat & UV)
–Nourishes Hair From Root To Tip
–Delivers Conditioning Effects
•Additional Benefits:
–Ability to develop more natural hair care products
•Botanical alternative to dimethicone
–Leaves hair softer, stronger, smoother & more manageable
–Delivers frizz control under humid conditions

- 头发护理的抗衰老
- 帮助伤害恢复
- 增加头发强度和弹性
- 保护环境压力(如热和紫外线)
- 提供调节效果
- 能够开发更天然的护发产品
- 使头发更柔软,更强韧,更光滑,更易于处理
- 在潮湿条件下进行毛躁控制

Baobab – The Iconic Tree of Africa
Latin name: Adansonia digitata
•Other common names: Tree of Life, Upside-down tree, Lemonade tree, Monkey-bread tree
•Baobab is the largest succulent plant in the world
•Most renown for affording protection and water:
•Protection from sun and heat
•Drinking water is tapped from Baobab’s trunk and roots: -Hollow trunk and branches capture and store up to 5 tons of rain water during wet season -The center root drills deep enough to reach water under the desert and bring it to the surfaces exposed roots
•The tree thrives into old age and often lives more than 2,000 years
•In African folklore, Baobab is steeped in mystique and legend:
–Water infused with Baobab seeds gives strength and good health

–Baobab seeds are carried to a new homestead to bring it good fortunes

猴面包树 - 非洲的标志性树
拉丁名:Adansonia digitata
•从猴面包树的树干和树根中挖出饮用水: - 在雨季,长时间的树干和树枝捕获并储存多达5吨的雨水 - 中心根部钻得足够深,可以到达沙漠下的水面并将其带到表面暴露的根部
- 注入猴面包树种子的水给力和健康

TRI-K Baobab Tein NPN-03

Baobab – Community Benefits & Sustainability

•Our Partner in Trade:
–A local business providing baobab to food and cosmetic industries in Africa and US
•Community Benefits:
–Sourced directly from local communities that live in harvest areas
–Harvest areas are purposefully chosen to be in the underdeveloped areas to bring much needed economic opportunity to local families
•Sustainable Harvesting:
–Collected to avoid damage to trees
–Annual baobab planting program
–Research & monitoring program ensures health of baobab trees in harvest areas
–Educational programs and websites about baobab and their eco-system

–Our partner is dedicated to promoting the responsible and sustainable development of African businesses offering natural products

猴面包树 - 社区福利和可持续发展

- 一家当地企业,为非洲和美国的食品和化妆品行业提供猴面包树
- 直接来自生活在收获地区的当地社区
- 有目的地选择收入区域在欠发达地区,为当地家庭带来急需的经济机会
- 收集以避免对树木造成损害
- 年度猴面包树种植计划
- 研究和监测计划确保收获区域的猴面包树健康
- 关于猴面包树及其生态系统的教育计划和网站
- 我们的合作伙伴致力于促进提供天然产品的非洲企业的负责任和可持续发展

Baobab Tein NPNF™ Addresses Critical Signs of Hair Aging

TRI-K Baobab Tein NPN-04

TRI-K Baobab Tein NPN-05

Differences in Hair Based on Ethnicity

•The follicle predetermines the shape of the hair (commonly described as straight, wavy, curly, kinky)
•Inherent differences based on ethnicity
–Shape (elliptical or spherical fiber)
–Texture (coarse or smooth)
•Tensile strength & flexibility
–Ease of combing wet vs. dry
•Caucasian hair is easier to comb when dry
•African hair is easier to comb when wet
–Lower sebum content
–Slowest growth rate

–Highest density of hairs


- 形状(椭圆形或球形纤维)
- 纹理(粗糙或光滑)
- 易湿对湿
- 较低的皮脂含量
- 最低增长率
- 最高密度的头发

TRI-K Baobab Tein NPN-06

Baobab Tein NPNFTM Studies

–Percent Amino Acid Distribution By Performance
–Tests using African Hair
1.Elasticity & Strength After No-lye Relaxer
2.Damage Recovery for Stronger, More Resilient Hair After No-lye Relaxer
3.Intense Repair After Lye Relaxer
4.Protect & Repair – Improvements in Tensile Properties After Relaxing & Exposing to UV
5.Better Frizz Control
6.Sensory Effects – healthier looking, more manageable hair
–Tests using Curly Hair
7.Strength & Protection – Stronger Than Virgin Hair After No-lye Relaxer
8.Damage Recovery, Improving Hair Strength After using No-lye Relaxer
9.Better Frizz Control
10.Ease of Styling – Damage Recovery & Protection from future styling damage
11.Improved Manageability for Wet & Dry Combing
–Tests using Straight Hair

12.Damage Recovery & Heat Protection

Baobab Tein NPNFTM研究

- 性能分析的氨基酸百分比
- 使用非洲头发的测试
3. Lye Relaxer后的强烈修复
4.保护和修复 - 松弛和暴露于紫外线后拉伸性能的改善
5.Better Frizz Control
6.感官效果 - 更健康,更易梳理的头发
- 使用卷发的测试
7.强度和保护 - 在无碱松弛剂后强于处女头发
9.Better Frizz Control
10.易于造型 - 损坏恢复和防止未来造型损坏
- 使用直发的测试

TRI-K Baobab Tein NPN-07

Amino Acid Distribution By Performance

TRI-K Baobab Tein NPN-02-8

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